SID & ICDM Bring Display Metrology Training Course to Display Week

By Tom Fiske

For the first time, SID and ICDM organized an Introductory Display Metrology Training Course as part of the educational offerings for Display Week 2017 in Los Angeles. The course, organized by ICDM Chair Joe Miseli, featured a high-quality slate of speakers and a handful of hands-on demos of some representative types of Light Measurement Devices (LMDs).

The introductory level was one of the keys for the first couple of presentations. Ed Kelley of Keltek LLC, in his usual engaging style, covered basic radiometry, photometry, and colorimetry. This is extremely useful information because it is the foundation for developng any light-based measurement on devices that make light for human consumption. The notes are a handy compilation of definitions and formulae that I’m sure will serve as an essential future reference for attendees. Michael Becker from Instrument Systems gave a very good talk on the basic framework for display metrology. Addressing questions like: What should be measured to establish the usability of a particular screen for a particular application? What are the main organizations that oversee and create standards that are relevant to and use display metrology? What are the important quantities to measure and what are the parameters and variables that affect display optical performance?

The hands-on demos of different types of LMDs was well received. The represented types of LMDs were a colorimeter/photometer from Konica Minolta, a spectroradiometer from Gooch and Housego, and an imaging colorimeter from Instrument Systems. This segment of the course gave attendees insight into the practical considerations of how to mount displays and LMDs and what the trade-offs are between types of instrumentation. There is no substitute for being able to try something out for yourself.

Another hot topic covered during the course was AR/VR display characterization. This session was very well attended. Tom Lianza from Photo Research recounted some lessons learned as he told the story of the process he followed to eventually capture good measurements for AR and VR display systems. Some of the most importance challenges involve matching the optical characteristics of the exit pupil of the display with those of the entrance pupil of the LMD. Mr. Lianza also discussed how the LMD had to be designed, adjusted and used to give accurate and valid results.

Other topics of the day included measurement considerations for High Dynamic Range displays and displays for automotive applications. A special bonus session was included (with wine and cheese!) on reflectance measurements. For the reflectance presentation, Ed Kelley (again) gave us a good grounding of reflectance basics and their relevance to display characterization. He once again delivered a great talk and slides that contain a lot of very useful reference information.


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