Taica Demonstrates Egg-Friendly Technology

By Jenny Donelan
One of the simplest, cleverest, and most appealing demos at Display Week 2017 can be found at Taica North America Corp.’s booth (539), where company representatives may be seen dropping a raw egg from a height of about 6 feet onto a shock-absorbing pad. The egg does not break or even crack, but lands unharmed on the company’s special silicon-based Alpha-GEL material with an oddly satisfying, suction-like “thud.”

Taica Senior Vice President Yasuhiro Kanai obligingly repeated the egg drop demo several times for the photo above. The egg was not only not hard-boiled but fresh -- "I bought it yesterday," he said.

Taica makes optical-bonding films and other products based on the Alpha-GEL technology for anti-vibration, shock-absorbing, and thermal interface applications. The egg demo makes a convincing argument for the shock absorption. The company also says the material is durable and can be used over a temperature range of -40C to +200C. 


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